AghaBozorgi project

General description of the project


Agha Bozorgi commercial project with an area of 314 square meters and with an infrastructure of 613 square meters, is located on 1.5 commercial floors and 2 parking floors on Fereshte Street, Agha Bozorgi St., corner of Istanbul, No. 35, in District 1, in a favorable and pleasant environment.
In the design of the unique facade of this project, which is based on today’s architectural style, materials, selected colors and the best volume combination, and in its interior design, transparency and legibility are included in the construction of the space. Separate accesses prevent the intersection of its commercial uses and In its design, crushing the space is strictly avoided and the area of the units is also logically observed in proportion to the area.
On the other hand, the use of the best and highest quality materials, materials and equipment has always been on the agenda of the employer, consultant and contractor of the project..