Ramin project

General description of the project

Ramin project with an area of 796 square meters and with an infrastructure of 9963 square meters, in 2 commercial floors, 7 office floors and 9 parking floors, which is located at No. 1, Shahid Hananeh (Ramin) corner of Shahid Hananeh (Ramin) Correspondents’ Club, Valiasr St., Tehran. One of the advantages of this tower is that it is located in front of the Sedasima building, which has made it one of the unique buildings in terms of security.
The design of this complex was formed in such a way that, while having the capabilities of providing services to the clients of the commercial sector, other ancillary services have been considered. This tower can be referred to its restaurant, which is designed with an open view for customers. The function of this project is commercial and administrative, which is designed according to the client’s needs, and the design, construction and supervision of the construction of this tower is being done with the cooperation of consulting engineers and skilled and capable contractors.